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Well Done Blackpool Transport Heritage Team

John Woodman

Thursday 2nd June was marked by celebrations large, small and individual throughout the country. The first of a four day celebratory commemorative holiday marking the seventy years reign of the monarch was blessed by fine weather and on the Fylde coast a stream of fondly remembered trams trundled from Pleasure Beach to Little Bispham - carrying flag waving passengers taking part in the Jubilee Tram Procession. Crowds had gathered along the route to bear witness to this unique Jubilee tribute which gained airtime on national television channels the same evening.

With my son Alex I recorded the passage of some of the procession as it came through his local tram stop at Madison Avenue. Here are some of the scenes at Madison Avenue, Bispham starting with the unmistakeable profile of venerable Bolton car 66.

No caption explanations needed :

Well done by the volounteers and staff at Rigby Road Depot and the team at Pleasure Beach organising the send off of trams and passengers. An expecially nice touch was ensuring passengers were 'equipped' with Jubilee Flags which were prominently on view inside each of the passing trams. These are just a few of the participating cars in the parade just in case some viewers raise queries - my camera battery succumbed to the excitement of the day......


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