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Green Rules

John Woodman

The all electric transport era has begun. From this week UK registered vehicles that are solely powered by electricity will be issued with registration plates that have green background and at the same time do away with the now redundant EU blue flag insignia. Hybrid powered vehicles do not qualify for this DVLA treatment - only purely electric units are to be so treated. The intention in part is to raise public awareness of the extent and growth of all electric vehicles on UK roads.

This raises the possibility that Blackpool Transport's new generation of buses - planned as all electric units, will come with their registration plates complete with green endorsement. It may be pertinent to consider similarly applying some form of green labelling on Blackpool's tram fleet given that they also are wholly electric powered. Raising awareness of the environmental benefit of tram operation in Britain's towns and cities could readily and inexpensively boosted with similar 'green' adornment on the front and rear of individual units.


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