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Under Your Feet

John Woodman

A current online feature deals with the rare interest in manhole covers and their individual designs. The article depicts examples in London streets from the 19th century (and earlier). Blackpool is not immune from this especial part of our heritage. The Corporation operated a large foundry on Rigby Road which cast components and fixtures for municipal departments, including the Tramways. The book 'Tribute to Rigby Road Works Volume One' by the Author included images of the Foundry's output and its operation. The building and site are now history being subsumed beneath housing development in recent years.

BCSW - Blackpool Corporation Sewer Works 1914

Below : A tramways manual points lever box cover

Below : A remarkable survival of a Corporation Foundry sewer cover found on Blundell Street prior to the redevelopment of that entire area in 2014 Photograph : John Woodman


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