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Trolley Reverser Update

John Woodman

Yet again I am indebted to the knowledge of fellow enthusiast from those now far-off years, Derek Redmond. who has pointed out following my recent blog concerning North Station tram service - that the installation of the new automatic trolley reverser at the revised track terminus opposite the former 'Odeon' cinema was designed to take fixed trolleyheads as well as swivel type. I understand from Derek that this was the sole example on UK tram systems.

It should be pointed out that the trolley reverser installation at North Station also meant that the few remaining 'Pantograph' cars still operating from 1961 relinquished their 'trolley ropes'. These had hitherto provided easy means of reversing the tram's trolleypole. Instead bamboo retrievers were affixed to the side of the cars for the very short time the cars continued in service.


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