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Trespassers Beware


An online posting this past week provided viewers with a selection of images taken recently by an amateur photographer featuring the Trust's stored trams at Wyre Dock. Apparently pleased with his ability to access the property leased to the Trust by landowners ABP - the individual involved was proud of his achievement in entering the site and individual trams.

The site is surrounded by metal fencing and leased to the FHLT. Access is solely by permission of the Trust which in this case was not invited nor given. While the Trust seeks to maintain some security over its assets, however deteriorating their condition in outside storage, it is willing to provide escorted visits on request. What it is not disposed towards is permitting individuals to trespass on the leased property, not the least for the purposes of avoiding liability in the case of accident or misadventure.

If anyone is caught on the FHLT property without prior permission or advance knowledge of the Trustees, we will seek to press charges of trespass directly or through the official owners of the Docks site - ABP. At the same time we will willingly provide access for photography on request and a nominal contribution to the FHLT . This can be arranged through this website and contacts page.


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