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Tram Books And More - Blackpool Model Tram Show Solaris Centre April 29 and 30.

John Woodman

Serious collectors of tramway and related transport books, postcards and related material will be pleased to know that the writer is beginning a cull of his personal library collection and will have rare titles for sale at the Solaris on the above dates next week.

Trams of Malta, Shanghai, Cape Town, Penang, Basle, Zurich, pre-war Germany, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Bordeaux and Brussels are among many other older titles of British systems available in single copies, Some of Rigby Road Publishing's series will be available at discounted prices to fill gaps in private collections.

Anyone with particular interest in the disposal of the FHLT trams at Fleetwood will also have chance to confer directly with John on the state of play of individual cars still available.

Antwerp Tram Collection Book


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