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The Rain In Spain Mainly Falls On The Plain

John Woodman

It isnt often that Spanish trams gain coverage on this Blog. More often than not its Portuguese trams in Porto, Lisbon and Sintra which gain attention - and deservedly so. However a batch of images taken by a family relative in recent weeks happened to include some closeups of trams in Seville - and some are shared here.

Wot - no overhead power wire? Seville trams are caught in the city centre with glorious wrap around advertising and clean features around their frontal cab design. The tram terminus seems to be missing a scissors crossover but sharp eyed readers will note the overhead charging structures dominating the scene amid equally glorious architecture. The absence of street litter and profusion of foliage and greenery contrasts with the barren look of Blackpool's town centre.

I think the trams are from the Citadis family but stand corrected from knowledgeable readers as well as details of the power sourcing system. Perhaps Blackpool's next generation of trams (post Bombardier) may bring with them similar wireless power technology - bringing the cycle of the town's trams full circle. Images courtesy Chris Meyer-Rassow


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