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Talbot Road Trams & New Hotel

John Woodman

The lengthening saga of the tramway extension along Talbot Road to reach its terminus for North Station is finally reaching a conclusion. The scissors crossover track installation which will provide the new terminal point is more or less completed with concrete infill providing pedestrian access. At the same time the overhead wiring is soon to follow on the erection of span wires across Talbot Road. The overhead section at the terminus will have to await completion of construction of the new hotel which thankfully replaces the abysmal concrete edifice of the former retail store and multi level car park. A lot of work has still to ensue before the finished structures are ready for tenants and occupancy, while the rest of the site requires confirmation of further users before the Talbot Gateway scheme is finally finished in 2022/2023.

Above - looking down Talbot Road from its junction with Dickson Road and finally catching sight of overhead wiring (albeit span wires and 'ears') in place along part of the street running segment.

Two images at Dickson Road and Talbot Road junction with the new tracks crossing onto the newly paved terminus precinct. Newly installed span wires mark progress of the overhead crew this weekend.

Below : The exterior walls of the new hotel being erected facing on to Talbot Road overlooking the railway station due east and former Talbot Road Bus Station structure behind the camera. All photos : John Woodman - taken today

Hopefully Spring 2022 will see the tramway infrastructure completed to allow testing of trial units running up and down Talbot Road and negotiating the three way track junction into Talbot Square. Ironically this is also exactly sixty years since the final tram service at this one time busy point ended in 1962. A further year saw the very last tram operate from its North Station terminus to run up Dickson Road to the Gynn and Promenade. Brush Car 290 was that car thus gaining immortal? fame and ensuring its eventual preservation by the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust. The Trust is now engaged in exploratory discussions that we hope will see the tram returning to Fleetwood for rightful display.


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