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T7 Touches Down At Rossall School August 2nd 2021

John Woodman

Continuing where we left off yesterday courtesy of the top rate camera skills (and camera) of Gary Mitchell here is a summary and record of the transfer of the FHLT Trailer Car T7 (aka 687) from Wyre Dock to the serene grounds of Rossall School on August 2nd 2021.

Departing Wyre Dock for the last time - T7 is gently lifted and then lowered onto the Scotts special unit for rail loads - with a long experience of transporting Blackpool trams here, there and almost everywhere. Thank you Scotts and the careful lifting work of AE equipment conveniently located close to Wyre Dock (aided and abetted by BTS Engineering Manager - John Houghton).

Crossing the tramroad tracks at Rossall - hopefully for the last time.

Entering Rossall School grounds from the main road.

Being lifted again within the School Grounds onto its designated prepared display track surrounded by classic buildings. An appreciative audience watches the final tweaking of the bogies on to the tram rail.

Finally lowered on to the prepared display track courtesy Blackpool Operation Services and Rossall School

All above images copyright Gary Mitchell.

The FHLT are grateful to Scotts Heavy Haulage of Alfreton and AE Cranage of Fleetwood for the care and especial effort in dealing with this unique delivery. Special thanks also go to Blackpool Operational Services in providing the track, track bed and its installation at Rossall School in what seems to be a marvellous setting overlooked by classrooms. Of course T7 is presently in pristine external condition but the car will receive a full makeover into its original cream livery before being utilised by various departments and classes in its new role. We are also grateful to Matt Lodge who had personally financed the purchase of several Blackpool trams being disposed of by Merseytravel following collapse of the planned Wirral Waters tramway scheme. The FHLT acquired 687 from Matt after its transfer to Wyre Dock, along with several other cars which were seperately disposed of to other groups.

In the aftermath of the failure of proposals made to Wyre Council and ABP for themed regeneration of property at Wyre Dock incorporating a tram exhibition and working line - the FHLT decided to terminate their efforts with intention of further disposing of their collection. Several of the Trust's trams have already departed to new sites and ownership, including Jubilee Car 761 to Blackpool Transport. Further discussions on remaining cars are underway with a number of interested Parties. It is particularly apt for at least one tram to now become a permanent reminder of the longstanding connection (literally) between Rossall School and the tram service passing its grounds since 1898. The contribution of Trustee Frank Heald in this respect is particularly noteworthy ensuring the safe transfer of the tram this week from the FHLT to the School's new owners.


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