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Rigby Road Titles

The 1950s and 1960s era titles on Blackpool's trams and buses are almost sold out. We plan to print a further tranche subject to demand for the New Year. The 2021 Special Souvenir Calendar which features the Centenary year of Blackpool's bus operation is selling well and a second printing is planned in December. A companion calendar for 2022 will similarly feature Blackpool bus types; this time from the 1960s.

A volume that deals with Blackpool's trams (and buses) during the 1920s will be the next title in the 'Municipal' series and we are particularly interested in sourcing unpublished images (and printed ephemera) from that decade. Coverage of Blackpool's early bus services being especially welcome.

Due to Covid restrictions impacting on travel and social contact the 'Blog' is experiencing intermissions but will reappear hopefully in December.


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