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Psst Drivers Anyone ?

John Woodman

The sudden rush to the pumps caught most of us by surprise as the weekend loomed. Perhaps it was being told by a Government Minister that we shouldn't panic and there were plenty of diesel and petrol stocks to go around which triggered a rush all over the country to ensure cars, vans and just about everything else on the road - had a full tank 'just in case'.

Resulting traffic queues in and around filling stations gave lie to the well meaning political advice. Blackpool was no exception, with motorists including this one tearing around the locality to find diesel fuel yesterday. Fortunately this morning I found an open station with minimal queuing and ready supply of fuel. This brought me peace of mind and a short journey to Rigby Road where a special event was underway launching a new chapter in Blackpool's perennial tram museum saga. Ironically parking in what would have been the frontage of the town's first tram depot (Blundell Street) now long gone, I ventured into Hopton Road joining an invited group to hear the plans for Rigby Road's tram depot announced recently by Blackpool Council and Blackpool Transport.

A glimpse onto the adjoining bus park included sight of aggressive marketing by BTS in its search for new bus drivers. Where hitherto semi retired Blackpool buses were quietly rebranded with conservative markings (not the Party) - the current rocketing demand for qualified large goods vehicles drivers, or their equivalent, has meant a far more in your face messaging on the latest BTS driver training vehicle.

No Messing around in finding and securing potential new drivers for Blackpool buses as the large font messaging clearly highlights.

Get In The Driving Seat - BTS Wants You. Perhaps a stern photo of Jane Cole pointing her finger imperiously at the camera might work even better ? It did marvels for Lord Kitchener in 1915.

More about the Rigby Road event and exciting plans to refurbish the depot structure and adjoining workshop site - to follow.


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