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Never A Dull Moment - On The Tramway

John Woodman

Supposedly a quiet uneventful midweek caught work crews busy on the tramroad between Anchorsholme and Norbreck today. The contract to renew track and infrastructure on this and other sections saw hazmat clad crews cutting up sections of tramrail and replacing them with new sections around Melton Place and Little Bispham loop. This is part of a more extensive track renewal contract underway commissioned by Blackpool Council. Replacement of the pedestrian crossing footways with new treaded material is also taking place.

Rail replacement taking place at the former Melton Place stop and a hand cart to trolley tools and parts along the track - manually hauled and no fleet number !

Below one of the contracting firms parked adjacent to the tramroad.

Below : Newly instated rail section with the date and time of its 'launch; - at Little Bispham

Further along the reserved track close to Bispham Station a yellow juggernaut slowly made its way southward carrying out tamping of the track bed under electronic controls. Several specialist track, rail and overhead power firms are engaged to ensure this part of the line is 'up to speed' - with their work crews and trucks parked alongside the roadway. New (and old) tram rail being delivered on low load trucks operating on tight scheduling irrespective of the weather conditions - although today was fortunately dry and mild after the Siberian cold air which has dominated the country during the previous week.

Below : A trackbed tamping machine processing the permanent way leading south to Bispham Station.

The only railed vehicle making its way south (but very slowly) from Madison Avenue to Bispham Station this afternoon.

All Images : John Woodman


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