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Multiple Woes On The Tramway

John Woodman

When it rains it pours. Like much of the country today gale force winds are causing massive transport disruption with especial problems in coastal areas of both the northeast, Scotland, the northwest and Wales (not to mention the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland). Even without the weather conditions Blackpool Transport is struggling to maintain a semblance of its regular posted schedule on the tram service to Fleetwood, The shortage of tram drivers is causing cancellations of services throughout a period already marked with disruption from high winds.

In Fleetwood services have had to terminate at Fishermans Walk while in Blackpool overnight the tram service is halted at the Cabin (southbound) and the Tower (northbound). This is due to a building collapse onto the roadway at Springfield Road and the Promenade. The tram service (such as it is) is therefore being operated in two seperate sections. With gale force winds expected overnight into Saturday it is likely (although not confirmed) that the northern section trams will be stabled at Bispham and possibly Thornton Gate - being unable to traverse the section behind the Metropole Hotel due to suspect structures in danger of further collapse on the eastern side of the Promenade (road). Fortunately (thus far) no injuries are reported from the building collapse.

Needless to say the Christmas period displays and events organised on the promenade have all been cancelled and no doubt there are other incidents of structural damage occurring in the town.


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