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More on Jubilees

John Woodman

In 1925 Blackpool Corporation commemorated its Jubilee Year and to further celebrate the annual festivities the Tramways Department built a replica of the resort's lifeboat to operate as an illuminated feature during the recently reestablished autumn illuminations. The tram's trolley mast conveniently served to hold the illuminated 'sail' which swivelled around when the trolleypole was turned to the direction of travel. No passengers were carried and entry for the driver was gained by a step ladder. In final years a need to increase revenue saw seats fitted within the lifeboat's 'hull' with an entry section added to the 'bodywork' to aid passenger access.

By way of formal naming the tram was given a special commemorative crest at each end using the tramways department's crest with adjusted labelling on the garter - 'Jubilee. The author was providently? positioned at Royal Oak when the 'Jubilee' car appeared on Waterloo Road railway bridge and then carefully traversed the three way junction towards Station Road crossover. The resulting 'snap' is a classic of this marvellous creation in its final year of operation - on a street running inter-depot journey during the daytime. The Palladium Cinema in the background was screening a summer season classic 'The Guns of Navarone'. The delivery lorry is unloading crates of fizzy drinks in front of the cinema while the Marton service timekeeping clock is in view just to the left of the tram's 'prow'. Note the cloth capped driver from Marton Depot where the tram was stabled.

Photo : Copyright John Woodman - 'Jubilee' on the southbound curve track at Royal Oak in 1960.


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