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More on Balloon Car 710

John Woodman

Following media coverage of the Trust's disposal of this tram (and others in its collection) we have received several enquiries and expressions of interest which we are following up currently. Similarly other trams available for new use have attracted enquiries outside of enthusiast circles.

An image of 710 taken today in Fleetwood.

We are particularly looking for a new home for Centenary Car 641 which was the prototype for the final class of new trams bought by Blackpool Council / Blackpool Transport to replace the OMO cars. This car rightfully belongs in the National Tram Museum at Crich but the TMS Board apparently turned down an offer from Blackpool Transport when these cars became available - which is somewhat surprising. .Number 641 was of course built in Blackburn, along with its sister cars (and the Engineering Car) - and represents the final design of UK trams before low floor imports took over. Any interest should be directed to the writer through our contact page in the first instance. The tram remains at Wyre Dock, while other examples are held as part of the Heritage fleet at Rigby Road.


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