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Marton to the Pacific - Standard Car 48

John Woodman with Jessica Meyer Rassow

One preserved Blackpool Standard which doesn't get much attention is number 48 which made the lengthy journey to the US Pacific Coast for display (and operation) at a museum line near to Portland, Oregon. The tram is of especial interest to the writer who with Colin MacLeod (yet again) arranged to travel on its final journey to Royal Oak as the last tram to that terminus in 1962 - on the final night of the Marton tram service. Both Images copyright Jessica Meyer Rassow

My daughter with her husband made a pilgrimage to the museum this week to record the condition of the car during an extended vacation. The two images were taken on the 4th of May.

Note the special destination - POWERLAND - the counterpoint to TRAMTOWN and ELECTRIC CITY 1


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