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Maidstone Trams and Trolleybuses

John Woodman

An excellent recount of the small municipal transport system in Maidstone is recommended to lovers of heritage books covering trams and in this case trolleybuses. The smartly turned out fleet of distinct light brown and pale cream trolleybuses gave the residents of Maidstone a service they were proud of until buses in pale blue and cream took over in the 1970s. Robert Harley is more well known for his volumes on London's tramways but in this latest volume ventures southeast to Kent and one of the few trolleybus operations in the southeast of England. Maidstone is a little known tram operation making do with a modest fleet of typical two axle open top trams - all built in Preston. A single demi car and large water car made up the total fleet which succumbed to final replacement by trolleybuses and buses.


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