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Look Familiar ?

John Woodman

Scranton (PA) Transit Company Osgood Bradley Electromobile desigh number 504 - one of eight examples sold to this operator in a bulk order by the owning group which also assigned the same type to its properties in Altoona (PA) and New Bedford (Mass). A revolutionary design when it first appeared in the late 1920s but only a limited number were built. The Brill Company came out with their own ;'Master Unit' design in the same period and dominated the market for new urban trams in the US at the time. This was before the formation of the Presidents Car Committee research during the following decade.

Of particular relevance to Blackpool is the styling of the front fender - a first redesign of this essential component for streetcars (trams) and quite evidently something which got the attention of English Electric's design team in Preston. The Scranton fleet was painted in dark blue and white colours not dissimilar to the later livery of the Lytham St Annes transport department,

Photo : John Woodman Archive


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