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In Memoriam - Centenary Cars 641 - 648

John Woodman

By way of follow up to the previous Blog some further images of the 'heyday' of Blackpool's Centenary cars which filled the tramway service year round requirement following demise of the OMO class and before upgrade of the Starr Gate to Fleetwood schedules to light rail condition.

A trio of Centenary cars lining up southbound at Gynn Square stop. The hold up is due to a charity run along the promenade crossing the tramtrack just behind the camera. Below : the 'Paul Gaunt Car' which had carried several versions of the firm's advertising in successive years. The driver is taking a break while the service is held up to avoid conflicting with runners around the track.

Sadly an all too frequent occurrence with 647 towing 646 south bound on the northbound track at North Pier.

Below : Centenary 641 fresh out of the Paint Shop posing at North Pier to show off its new roofline endorsement of Blackpool Football Club in all all over tangerine livery.

All Photos Copyright : John Woodman

Contrasting final designs with Jubilee Car 761 in its Wynsor Shoes sponsor colours and former 651 - now renumbered 648 with mid life modifications and all white branding. Both due to the crafts and skills in Rigby Road Works.


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