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Gary Mitchell By Night

John Woodman

The FHLT trams in outside storage at Wyre Dock have become a mecca for enthusiast cameras and illicit visits in the FHLT compound. Now that security at Wyre Dock has lapsed and entry into the ABP property is seemingly unrecorded the Trust's trams have attracted numerous 'enthusiast' visitations with many posting their photographic achievements on various 'social' online pages.

The Trustees have very limited time available to cater for so called 'enthusiasts' but on occasion with notice given and 'chaperoning' in place - individual arrangements are possible. One such instance in the past two weeks involved a nighttime 'photoshoot' by Gary Mitchell, well known to the Blackpool heritage fraternity. Chaperoned by Colin MacLeod - Gary undertook photographic studies of the trams stored in the FHLT compound with impressive results. A taste of Gary's nocturnal accomplishments follows.

Stunning nighttime images by Gary Mitchell.

The Trust are in discussion with a number of Parties interested in acquiring individual cars 'as is' and allowing for weather conditions to improve the stored collection will soon be removed to caring 'homes' where cumulative ravages of Fylde coast weather over many years can be dealt with. Sadly some of the trespasser visitations have latterly seen damage inflicted on two of the trams, making it all the more important for the Trust to accelerate its disposal of the collection. For the record Brush Car 290, stored at Rigby Road Depot is in ownership of the Trust since its purchase over twelve years previously through contributions by Steve Palmer and Colin MacLeod. A further Brush Car 300 stored at Wyre Dock is in private ownership and expected to be transferred to safer and caring conservators near term. All Images Copyright and courtesy of Gary Mitchell (with assist of Colin MacLeod on an exceptionally cold night at Wyre Dock!)


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