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FHLT - Trams In Care - Jubilee Car 761

John Woodman

The decision to dispose of the two remarkable double deck conversions 761 and 762 as part of the tram fleet cull in 2011 saw the TMS take up the chance to safeguard 762. This car was the second in the duo of former Balloon cars to be radically transformed and incorporated the centre platform doors, retained for passenger egress; among other improved technical features. This left 761 as an especial candidate for local preservation with the FHLT securing sponsorship for its retention and transfer to Fleetwood (by road it should be said) for storage. Number 761 was rebuilt at Rigby Road Work in 1979 while 762 was similarly extensively rebuilt during 1982.

The car (761) remained (safely) in the yard of a Fleetwood import business until it needed a further home at which point the Trust deemed it appropriate to offer it to the recently formed Blackpool Heritage Tours operation at Rigby Road where it could again be placed under cover. This tram is a marvellous example of the skills and craftsmanship of Blackpool Transport workshops and deserving of being showcased for future generations to 'admire'. It was originally intended for 761 to be cosmetically returned to its 'as built' 1979 appearance in cream and green colours, but this has not so far transpired and retains its all over advertising for Wynsor Shoes (below). The company had a store directly adjoining the Rigby Road and Hopton Road depot area.

Now in ownership of the Blackpool Heritage Tours organisation under BTS control - number 761 awaits its turn back in a familiar Work Shop setting to regain its original appearance.

Under threatening clouds from the west - 761 dominates this scene at Bispham top as it awaits its next duty. Wysor Shoes made sure they used every square inch of external space on the sides of the moving panelling but thankfully kept their promotion to a minimum on the car's ends. Photo by John Woodman


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