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Farewell Wyre Dock - 710 Comes Home - 1

John Woodman

At least a crisp dry sunny morning was on hand for the removal of Balloon Car 710 from its decade of outside storage at Wyre Dock when an impressive low load specialist truck arrived today. A small gathering of familiar faces were on hand to witness the extensive preparations which were aided and abetted by John Houghton and his helpmate Howard from Rigby Road. The clearance of semi tropical undergrowth from the area in front of the tram to the outer gate organised by Andrew Greenwood and his colleagues of the Tram Town Heritage Centre certainly was a big help in advance of this big move. Broken glass around the tram signalled the unwelcome attention of local vandals which has prompted early removal of the Trust's now diminishing collection originally intended for a Fleetwood waterfront visitor attraction. Alas no longer.

Number 710 aka Balloon Car 247 gaining attention from the moving firm and the lengthy loading track installed to move the tram from its sedentary position onto the low load unit.

Empty window spaces indicate the attention being given by local vermin.

Above - still impressive despite the wear and tear of successive winters.

Two gentlemen of Verona enjoying their day out by the sea... Their carer took this photo.


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