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Farewell 290

John Woodman

Preparations are underway to remove Brush car 290 from Rigby Road Depot to a new home in the East Anglia Transport Museum near Lowestoft. The tram is being transferred to the safekeeping of the EATMS who are in the process of extending their museum line, complete with a new depot on the extension. The Museum requires additional cars to operate the expanded service and with the failure of plans by the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust to proceed with a themed museum scheme on Fleetwood's waterfront at Wyre Dock - both groups agreed on the mutual benefits of adding one or possibly two of the Fleetwood cars to the East Anglia Museum roster.

For the benefit of photographers wishing to record the move of the tram on Blackpool rails for the last time - the tram's loading is scheduled early morning on 28th JULY with immediate departure for East Anglia anticipated.

290 basking in the sunshine at the Pleasure Beach during its display in traditional Corporation green and cream colours. Photos : John Woodman


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