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Christchurch NZ - This is What Heritage is All About

John Woodman

A fine example of a restored vintage tram - in this case a result of the work of the tram museum near Christchurch in New Zealand which provides and maintains the cars operating on that city's heritage tour service. It could be somewhere in Britain but shows the level of detail and quality finish which is the hallmark of the mixed fleet of cars on the Christchurch tourist line.

This runs through the city centre through pedestrian streets and passes various landmarks to provide a memorable experience for visitors. Christchurch Tramway Ltd is the operator of the service responsible for crews and turnout of cars on a daily basis. The company also has a staffed restaurant car which operates at certain times of the year with full dining experience as opposed to the fish and chips on offer in Blackpool. Local produce features on the menu.

I suppose the closest we get to this standard of heritage tram operation is to be found at Crich, closely followed by Beamish, Carlton Colville and Birkenhead. Well done Christchurch- photo courtesy Christchurch Tramway Ltd.


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