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Brush Car 290 In Display Mode

John Woodman

A superb image taken by Gary Mitchell of Brush Car 290 newly installed at the Pleasure Beach turning circle display track following work at HMP Kirkham with Colin MacLeod, John Woodman and Blackpool's Lighting team adding to the student artwork seen in the side windows. A great tribute to HM The Queen's Jubilee Year in 2012. The tram is now part of the EATM collection at Carlton Colville and undergoing further restorative work before its launch in 2022/3. Her Majesty is seen in the driving cab. UK Flags flutter in the coastal wind having been carefully affixed on the trolley tower by Colin. North Station is depicted in the destination aperture - recognising the tram's final working journey from the North Station terminus to Fleetwood in October 1963.


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