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Blackpool Transport's New Timetable Style

John Woodman

Once upon a time over an extended period from the early 1930s to the late 1960s Blackpool's annual editions (actually six monthly/seasonal) of its bus and tram timetables followed a very conservative and predictable format. Only the cover colour provided any overt variation but of course tram and bus routes would change with rerouting and from 1961 - 1963 the tram services diminished as street routes in the town were replaced by bus services.

At the other end of the scale, Manager Steve Burd, presided? over the most variable timetable editions, resulting from of 'Line Branding' strategy adopted by 'Blackpool Coastlines' with its multi-coloured vehicles. The Paint Shop budget must have exploded, not to mention staff time dealing with ever frequent repainting of individual buses constantly in and out for new 'Line' application.

Ever since following Steve's departure things have quietened down with the 'Coastlines' branding abruptly dropped following arrival of his successor and a standard fleet livery format introduced across the bus fleet (but not the trams). More recently timetables have been further redesigned with individual services gaining their own handouts. These were additionally used to promote the new 'Palladium' branding of the bus fleet, with the latest versions appearing for public 'pleasure' and the even greater attention of collectors. A sampling of the new colour coded? 2022 Summer timetables below along with the renewed tram service timetable - all in gatefold format. No doubt these will further change on introduction of all electric bus services - the styling and designs of which are much anticipated (as referenced in Michael Morton's latest book on Blackpool buses).

Plus ca change ! Colour coded timetables - what's next? the vehicles themselves or their side swoops? Only BTS can tell..... Apologies for indifferent camera focus.


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