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Blackpool's Singular Attractions

John Woodman

Away from the popular images of the town - its transport has forever provided everchanging appeal to transport and heritage interests. Retaining public control over its local transport whilst at the same time keeping the flame of urban tramway operation alive in Britain - Blackpool has gained an international following for its trams and buses. As the town moves on to a further chapter in the 21st Century and even more change to its standing in professional transport circles - it is worth this reminder of more recent initiatives by Blackpool Transport and admirers.

Below : standing next to the town's Central Library (a gift of Andrew Carnegie) - one of the Blackpool's superlative ADL buses in a seasonal branding (two years ago).

Handover of Jubilee Car 761 to the team in charge of the Heritage establishment at Rigby Road. John Woodman with Bryan Lindop (right) and James Millington (below). Another key example of the Tramway Workshops skills and labours Jubilee Car 761 rebuild of 1979 preserved for the future after the FHLT stepped in to acquire the tram during the 'sell off' of much of the traditional fleet in 2010/2011. Now destined for a permanent home in Blackpool.

Below : Two Gentlemen of Verona

Colin MacLeod and John Woodman standing by their first purchase for the intended museum at Wyre Dock, Fleetwood. Appropriately the last service car from North Station in October 1963 on the Fleetwood run - Brush car 290 of 1937. Returned to a respectable rendition of traditional green and cream and now stored at Rigby Road awaiting new ownership to assure a sustained future for public viewing in Blackpool.

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