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Another New Tram Title

John Woodman

Peter Waller is a busy scribe. A further title appeared last year covering the subject of preserved trams in Britain (including Ireland). The book provides a blow by blow account of individual trams whether operable, stored or in parts with some fascinating 'discoveries'. What is not similarly detailed individually is the large number of 'heritage trams' remaining in Blackpool's Rigby Road Depot; nor the at 'tramatorium' of the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust at Wyre Dock. The latter was the subject of a nighttime 'photoshoot' by Gary Mitchell outlined in our previous Blog on this site which is attracting the attention of more than the usual number of 'hits'.

An important tram at Wyre Dock is the prototype Centenary Car 641 of 1984 - curiously spurned by the National Tram Museum collection. Given that this was the final design of a British tram before the advent of light rail and low floor imports - number 641 holds a historic place in the pantheon of UK tramcar development. Number 641 remains at large owned by the FHLT, who in contrast to self appointed curatorial satraps at Crich, determined that the tram merited preservation when it became available in 2011. A secure home is being sought for 641 other than the storage mausoleum at Clay Cross.

Below : A night time view of Centenary Car 641 taken by Gary Mitchell during his photographic adventure and saved by the FHLT at Wyre Dock Copyright Gary Mitchell


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