• John Woodman

Another Book From that Woodman Author

John Woodman

Totally out of sequence and in process of completion - Volume Five of the series on Rigby Road Works will be published in 2022. The title covers transformative years when the town's longlasting tram service finally succumbed to government funding of 'light rail upgrade' with removal of familiar iconic trams from the promenade service. At the same time Blackpool's bus fleet underwent a radical rebranding (yet again) from 'Metro Coastlines' to a bold yellow and black colour scheme. The Metro Coastlines era will be covered in the preceding Volume Four - a title yet to be published. The period 1986 to 1999 with the formation of Blackpool Transport Services Ltd. and multiple changes to vehicles, services and management will be covered by Volume Three.

Following previous books in this series the title will be in Landscape A4 format with soft covers.

Readers awaiting the delayed title on Blackpool Buses are assured of its appearance which now awaits definitive news of the BTS all-electric fleet renewal and redevelopment of Rigby Road.

Price and final details of Volume Five will be published here in due course.

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