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Another important streetcar operator in the US with green (and cream) PCC cars in the 1970s was Philadelphia. Its Philadelphia Traction Company (PTC) had finally relinquished control over its considerable streetcar, bus, trolleybus and heavy rail operations by the time I visited. A new regional transportation entity - SEPTA - otherwise known as the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority -had

taken over the ailing former company's assets.

A sprawling streetcar network with on street trackage in dilapidated condition, matched by equally dilapidated cars were on the cusp of a new era. The former PTC operation favoured green and cream fleet colours and the new Owning body had yet to sort out what it wanted to do as far as rebranding was concerned. A number of trolleycars were given what was known as the 'Gulf Oil' colour scheme (orange, dark blue and white) but this did not find favour. Other variants such as gold and white and tan were also trialled before a new livery was ushered in on the back of Japanese built four axle cars in the early 1980s.

2609 91.jpg

An early PCC car passes one of the many 'car barns' on the Philadelphia network. Its green livery with dark red belt rail was typical of the PTC operation.

Below : contrasting old and new colours - an interim branding solju

2198 81.jpg

Phil PCC 83.jpg


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