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A Further Step Back In Time

John Woodman

Remembering Marton's trams from 1962 prompts some captured moments along this iconic Blackpool tram route still fondly recalled by those of pensionable age...

Below : A Marton depot boat car makes its way towards Talbot Square to join the promenade seasonal extras with the Regent Cinema providing an immediate landmark on the left side. Two of Walter Luff's classic postwar centre entrance buses neatly shepherd the tram on its way into town.

Below : the depot clock shows 10.20 with another Marton car being led out of the depot trolley first to also join the summer season extras.

Passing Stanley Buildings with some equally classic cars parked on Church Street. The destination indicator unusually is set to 'MARTON'.

PS : A reminder of today's forlorn survivors with twin set units 673 and 683 alongside Balloon 710 and 678 with a blown off roofing cover - all awaiting saviours to remove them from their agonies at Wyre Dock. Fortunately help is at hand but 678 remains in need of a new home.. All photos John Woodman


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