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A Further Excellent Book

John Woodman

You wait for ages for a really decent book on trams to show up and then suddenly new titles arrive in droves. After extolling the merits of new books emerging from the pen of Michael Waller and Brian Turner, yet a further hardback 'musthave' title has recently been published by the eminent Blackpool transport expert - Nick Meskell.

Blackpool Trams 1950 - 1967 is the first in a triage of titles being published by Nick's private enterprise 'Train Crazy Publishing' and available online from the author's ' ' website. Focussed entirely on the period covered by the title - the volume contains photos from Nick's own photographic record, as well as images drawn from other private collections, most of which are previously unpublished. Having myself lived in Blackpool through the years in question (up to 1964) I am certainly inspired by the published work.

Highly recommended by this author the title includes 202 A4 size pages with intriguing rare images under headings of trams by class, depots, tours and other specific themes - almost all originating from well over fifty years back. The author has adopted a personal style and approach to the subject, contrasting with the works of other well known Fylde coast scribes - including the writer, thus ensuring a further definitive 'read' of familiar subjects. The two companion titles are no doubt works in progress adding to the compendium of unique material and images contained in the title below. Well done Nick.


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