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290 At The Starting Gate

John Woodman

Brush car 290 destined for a new life at the Carlton Colville museum has been moved to the front of the line in Rigby Road Depot preparatory to its collection next week on 28 JUNE in the morning.

It is seen here today in its new position as arranged with the assistance of the Heritage Tram team at the request of the FHLT who are coordinating the move of 290 to Lowestoft next week.

Nearest the camera is a brief glimpse of the demonstrator unit intended for Preston Trampower stored at Rigby Road courtesy of BTS. The future of this car (and indeed the entire Preston scheme) is now very much in doubt. Brush car 290 looks resplendent with side swoops fitted for the tram's final display appearance at the Pleasure Beach track. The trolley gantry for 290 stands in front ; also ready for removal to Carlton Colville. Photo : John Woodman


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