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Wilko - Going going

A further visit to the site of the former Wilko store today showed a work in progress in the demolition of the combined store and car park structure. Contractors are focussing on a phased removal of the concrete edifice from the Dickson Road frontage towards the rear of the property which faces on to Blackpool North railway terminal precinct. Understandably road closures are in place given the amount of building material having to be broken up and removed. However traffic flow is still permissible on Talbot Road and Dickson Road adjoining the contractor's work site.

A quick update on the state of demolition work as of this afternoon below :

The Dickson Road end of the structure now facing removal from a determined contractor,

The North Station tramway track remains inviolate beneath the demolition carnage as the concrete structure reveals its brutal structural underpinning - the upper floor levels being for a multi level car park little used by the public. All Images : John Woodman

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