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Cork - New Light Rail

Having had the pleasure of visiting Cork last year (pre-Covid) it was an even great pleasure to read that this second city of the Republic of Ireland is to be favoured with a light rail investment. The city has an impressive central commercial district with wide sweeping boulevard bounded by classic architectural styles from several era. The main Cork railway station carries express trains from Dublin to other connecting towns and communities on the southern and western counties of Ireland.

Cork once shared with Dublin the distinction of electric trams in the previous century but like Dublin these all gave way to buses - many on Leyland chassis. Cork's trams were of the traditional open top two axle variety common to most smaller systems. None have survived. The city is now to host a second generation tramway or as we put it these days - 'light rail' system. Of especial note Cork's trams once ran to 'Blackpool' a district which now is the site of the city's main out of town shopping centre.

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