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Blackpool Buses - Past Era Postscript

My ramblings on Blackpool Transport's former marketing as 'METRO Coastlines' (see previous Blog) have been brought up short by a sharp correction from Mike Morton. My portrayal of this radical rebranding exercise as being launched by Steve Burd MD in the early '90s was somewhat off-kilter according to Mike who was involved in the formative discussions at BTS at the time. The origins of the exercise were initiated by the first MD of BTS - Tony Depledge with designer and other input from a Preston transport consultancy.

Thus I stand corrected by the firsthand account by Mike - many thanks.

A classic style applied to BTS Deltas - in this case serving the 'Line 11' service.

And the same Metro COASTLINES 'Line 11' brand applied to a double deck bus - this time appropriately travelling through St Annes.

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