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Dublin - Pre Virus

Connolley Station tram terminus, Dublin with scissors crossover before the deadend of the tramway.

Escalator access from Connelly Railway Station to the terminus platform of the LUAS tram - shades of Blackpool North Talbot Gateway development. Connelly Station was originally called 'Amiens Street' until renamed after the Republic gained its independence from Britain.

The view from the main entrance to the Dublin General Post Office with a LUAS tramset passing on Connelly Street. At one time the view from Blackpool's GPO doors would allow glimpse of the passage of Marton trams on Abingdon Street.

Busy scenes at College Green, Dublin with ever frequent buses and trams.

A marvellous visit to Ireland last year provided the chance to see and ride on the popular Dublin area tram network with its smart fleet of 'Citadis' cars on two principal routes. Both traversing key parts of the central Dublin commercial district and passing (or terminating) at main railway stations.

Exceptionally busy services with low height platforms a la Blackpool and brightly painted trams to varying lengths. Images : All by John Woodman

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