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Blackpool's Bus Scene - Five Years Ago

The Blackpool Zoo Bus Service Terminus with Solo 240 ahead of Catch22Bus RM

An immaculate Routemaster on Service 21 in Blackpool June 2016

Another immaculate 1960s period Blackpool bus at the Cleveleys terminus of Service 21 - the red and white colours hark back to the 1920s when Blackpool Corporation Transport's buses and trams were resplendent in similar colour.

Departing from Cleveleys to make a hard right turn over the tramway for the return trip into Blackpool. Bus courtesy of Catch22Bus team.

Tridents passing in Cleveleys with 335 viewed from the Models Shop opposite the tram station. Sister vehicle enroute to the Cleveleys Bus Station terminus of Service 9 above. Note the two BTS logo versions. All images John Woodman - June 2016

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