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A Big Thanks to NHS And All Public Staff

As the country heads into what looks like being a glorious Easter Weekend one like no other - it is timely to acknowledge in full the eminent work and commitment of tens of thousands of public sector employees undertaking absolutely essential work up and down the British Isles. The daily toll of fatal illnesses reminds us of how much risk is being taken to fulfill essential tasks from driving buses to caring for the infirm and elderly - as well as staffing hospitals large and small. GP practises and their staff are equally in the forefront of facing constant threat from unseen but an omnipresent virus indiscriminate in its toll of human life.

Whether its postal delivery, policing our streets and public space, maintaining transport services and dealing with those needing medical attention - we are fortunate in having the personal endeavours of countless armies of selfless people. That this is indeed appreciated can be seen by the numbers of volunteers giving their own time and effort to underpin and backstop the NHS and other public organisations.

As is the now patient queues outside every open retail service. Blackpool Transport has rightly culled its service schedules to the bare minimum - whilst its tram operation has been suspended 'for the duration'. The town's Easter calendar has disappeared to be replaced by virtual online features - accompanied by persistent pleas to 'stay away' over the coming break. Mirrored by many other venues and resorts not wishing to have to deal with crowds of visitors for whatever duration. No trams will be running - and depending on Government decisions early next week this may well continue into a further month, possibly longer.

The workload and stressing conditions faced by the NHS in their effort to save lives has a constant toll on body and soul of medical staff whatever their role and wherever they carry out their duties. All effort to alleviate the volume of new patients bringing yet further demands on time and caring expertise has to count. This year will be unlike any other in living history. The cost in human lives and toll on our national wellbeing is already enormous. Anything we can do individually to help a community effort in facing down the threat from this global epidemic is another small link in a global human chain.

Centre exit doors on at least one Blackpool tram. Jubilee 762 shows off this feature - but at a quiet Crich Museum last year.

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