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Love Our NHS

The UK's national health system - originated in the immediate postwar years under the Atlee Government (along with a nationalised railway network) has come into its own facing up to the pandemic created on the other side of the world in China. The tens of thousands of professionals labouring to deal with the consequences of the virus unleashed in Wuhan do so at great personal risk. Notwithstanding the precautions required within any medical facility, or simply handling an infected patient numbers of doctors, nurses and medical staff are falling victim to exposure to the corona virus.

Unlike in the United States where I lived for over twenty years, no-one seeking medical assistance and attention need worry over paying for the costs of care and medication. The biggest pain experienced in paying anything out has to be at the car park - a minor issue when compared to the enormous liabilities incurred for medical treatment in the US.

Blackpool's buses carry slogans on their side - 'Love Your Bus' - a tribute to the staff of the NHS is now due in these stressful times. Even painting one or two of the double deck fleet into NHS colours might not be a step too far for the Paint Shop. With the trams not running for the time being - at least one could justify a similar fulsome makeover for the time when they reappear on the promenade.

A fund raising effort to pay for the paint and vinyls (and time) at Rigby Road is a small step to show solidarity with the staff at Victoria Hospital (and all the Health Centres and GPs on the Fylde coast. BTS over to you.....

PS : Its worth noting that in former times (and simpler ones) Blackpool's Transport Department was also responsible for the maintenance and painting of the town's ambulances - then under municipal ownership. All white livery with polished silver ringing bells and uniformed crews.

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