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Only Yesterday

Even casual observers will notice the incremental changes to once familiar locations where our trams and buses ply their trade. A big change is looming with demolition of the concrete blot on the town landscape on the site of the original North Station. However smaller alterations are worth recording.

In Fleetwood - the tram stop at Ash Street has taken on a whole new look together with rebranding to 'Fisherman's Walk'. On Dock Street the town's supermarket ASDA has replaced what were an integral part of the fishing industry's services and supply businesses.

Cleveleys West Drive tram stop is now upgraded with low platforms. Below :

Whilst at Rossall the former tramroad station stop has been moved across the roadway and the old brick shelter long gone :

Thornton Gate's old style tram stop has also been shunted further south to a low platform light rail station. Here's how it looked in its previous form.

On the promenade the northbound tram stop has been upgraded, the Tramway Centenary commemorative sign has disappeared and Blackpool's iconic old trams don';t stop here anymore.

All Images John Woodman.

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