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Wyre Dock Nocturne

Colin MacLeod (as usual) organising the first candidate/victim ....

Inside 678 with a sunny end up of Brush Car 300 in the background

678 somewhat the worse for wear but still with original features following withdrawal.

Following major corporate changes at Associated British Ports and the creation of a new property development business entity earlier this year - the company's management team now in charge of asset management have been focussing on Fleetwood. Various specialist firms and external consultants are reviewing options for the regeneration of Wyre Dock and the entire waterfront land owned by the company.

This week a private meeting has been arranged to allow ABP Property executives to outline their findings so far along with the Chief Executive of Wyre Council. It is expected that the objectives of Wyre Dock Development insofar as creating a visitor attraction within a broader scheme will be taken into account.

The linked endeavours of Fleetwood Town Council and the community to reopen a rail link from the town as far as Poulton will be given attention - although the outcome of lobbying to establish a scheduled rail service that connects with the Blackpool to Preston line and potentially the existing light rail service at Fleetwood Ferry is uncertain.

In the meantime the FHLT trams continue to stand in open storage at Wyre Dock courtesy of ABP with their exposure to the elements over recent years being to the detriment of the bodywork. A decision will be taken on the future of these cars once ABP have decided whether or not to include a transport heritage exhibition within an approved regeneration plan benefitting the town long term.

Some of the trams are getting seasonal protection ahead of yet a further winter . Below : Motor Unit 673 shrouded this weekend

Below : remarkably still with its early handpainted Blackpool Zoo sponsorship intact

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