Snaps From The Sixties

A Marton Vambac traversing Dickson Road - probably on a Sunday Enthusiasts Tour organised by the redoubtable Late Keith Terry.

Marton Vambac Car 11 on a valedictory enthusiasts tour in 1962 seen here at the tram terminus on Dickson Road with a service car behind.

Television crew filming - but returning to Hopton Road from a director's shot at North Pier - or so it seems below. The driver acknowledging photographer (Colin MacLeod) and intrigued visitors on Lytham Road. Note that the tram is towing the Rocket in this case.

Below - an earlier scene at North Pier with a passing Coronation and Duty Inspector plus member of the Tram Engineering staff watching the proceedings.

Red Bank Road hosts Standard 48 returning to Bispham Top from a visit to the depot. In the far background is the former home of the Tramroad Company's redoubtable Manager - James Cameron who was able to monitor the comings and goings of his fleet from a top floor window - no doubt with the aid of spyglasses or similar ! All Images taken by Colin MacLeod 1962 Copyright protected.

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