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More From the Koc Industrial Museum

A fine modelled representation of an early Glasgow top covered car on display. A Liverpool car seen closely behind in this amazing collection. Note the correct position of the tram controller behind the stairwell.

Istanbul was noteworthy for its two axle centre entrance trams - one of which is on display in the Koc Museum.

Very compact inside with centre manual sliding doors the tram is to a German design of the 1920s.

There may be an operating example in the current collection held by the Istanbul heritage operator.

The tram is signed for the Kadikoy - Moda line which is ironically operated in 2019 by former east German Gotha built cars referenced in a previous Blog.

A fine example of a mainline steam locomotive of Turkish State Railways alongside can just be seen a marvellous preserved Italian designed and built railcar from the 1930s - echoes of the GWR.

Images : John Woodman

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