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The 1960s Brought Back To Life

The continuing coverage of Blackpool's transport through postwar decades has reached the 1960s. Rigby Road's latest title 'Municipal Transport Rationalisation' is at the printers with the first copies becoming available to subscribers next week.

Following the now familiar format of earlier titles (from the 1930s) the book will be a welcome addition to readers of a certain age - well before the advent of one man operated cars and Atlanteans. An entirely different era than the one we have become accustomed to with intense excitement at the thought of an English Electric rail coach appearing in special heritage service. A time when shoals of the same cars were being scrapped along with other classes being discarded.

Tranches of new buses - crew operated arriving through the decade. Open rear platform buses ruled up to the end of the decade, edging out the final survivors of the famous centre entrance Burlingham bodied streamliners beloved of Walter Luff.

For a taste of a fascinating decade ensure your copy is delivered promptly as we are limiting the print run in October. Our shop page provides chance to secure the new book now.

Now a long gone memory. North Station tram terminus in 1963 with one of Walter Luff's buses getting in on the scene and the station building dominating the road junction with Talbot Road. All a far cry from the despondent state of this part of Blackpool in 2019 - with trams set to return (eventually). Image : John Woodman Archive

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