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Electric Bus Trial

The statement by the Government and Chancellor this week of a funded trial conversion of an urban bus system to all electric vehicles might just favour Blackpool Transport's own strategy to go 'all electric'. A £25 Million tranche of funding is being assigned to a specific town or locality to cover the costs of conversion from diesel powered vehicles to all electric models - at least places Blackpool's publicly owned company (BTS) in pole position to be selected for this windfall grant.

Given that BTS have been undertaking due diligence on requirements for a new bus garage and service facility configured for a new electric powered fleet of next generation buses - the town is logically high on the list of candidate operators. Also being in the north of England and still an operator of electric trams (since 1885) is plausible enough for consideration by the Chancellor's team of advisors.

Whilst the political winds are gusting in all directions on this Government's future - at least the Conservative Party Conference this week is bringing forth a ream of policies and commitments favouring the northern side of the north south divide. An all electric bus system to spur on similar operating changes elsewhere would more easily be 'progressed' here than just about anywhere else in England.

We shouldn't have long to wait to see the outcome.

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