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Rear End Views

Driving behind a Blackpool bus can be a visually stimulating experience when it has been treated to a creatively designed rear side vinyl. BTS have moved on from the neat well defined advertising panels on the back of the fleet to a full on layout for select customers.

Mercedes Citaro 556 shows off its rear vinyl on Talbot Road.

Respect Your Chips ?

Below a similar theme this time on the back of an ADL Enviro vehicle

And a return to Corporation green and cream branding first introduced on Blackpool's trams and buses in 1933 by Walter Luff. As applied to 'heritage bus' 332 on the 1 Service.

East Lancashire Trident 330 displays the dramatic scheme introduced by Trevor Roberts in 2009. Only a few of these buses remain in service and it is to be hoped at least one will be retained to join 332 in the expanding BTS heritage fleet.

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