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Heading for the Hills

There will be a break in these transmissions until the end of the month as we are heading for Ireland's green and verdant landscape. By the time of my return the UK will have a new Prime Minister and Government. The unlamented current occupant of Number Ten will have shuffled into the sunset, along with most of her court of hangers on, none of whom have done any good for this country over the past three years of their tenure in Downing Street. Enormous damage has been done to the UK's credibility and standing through their amateur dramatics both in Parliament, and through the many frequent flier excursions to Brussels over these past years.

Back to the Republic I also am looking forward to riding another European capital's light rail system ; as well as what seems to be an eminently efficient national railway network unspoilt by nasty franchise carve ups and financing games. One which runs trains across an international border every day without undue attention.

Whether Mr Johnson will find a way of circumventing the procedural parliamentary traps being laid for his government in waiting to void the Referendum 2016 result is being hotly debated by the all too familiar talking heads we see day in and day out on our tv screens.

Much of this will become evident by the end of the holiday season - as will the likelihood of need for a General Election to put Britain's political chattering classes out of their misery. Just how a political party holding the reins of power (a generous term in Britain today) can allow its Members to cite open rebellion in Parliamentary votes and supposedly retain the Party's official sanction - is very much akin Alice in Wonderland tale. Mad Hatter's Teaparty?

In the meantime that other Party - Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition - tears itself to shreds over malign influencers surrounding the 'Leader and his Office'. Just at a time when the Party should be entirely focussed on whatever policy decision is now their particular flavour of the month as far as the all-encompassing Brexit issue is concerned. The Lib-Dems - themselves essentially rudderless with another outgoing leader awaiting the Member's vote on who will be his successor - are banging on about regaining a place at the top table following their near demise at the polls the last time round. Followed by an apparent revival of support in the more recent European Elections. No wonder sterling is sinking, and the country's standing in the world is very much in a downward trajectory - despite all the huffery and puffery coming from London.

And then northward to Edinburgh where the informed news that Scotland has the highest rate of drug related deaths in the world (well possibly not the entire world but certainly all of Europe) - has drawn nary a soundbite from the motormouth politician leading that country's government. Instead finger pointing to London and at any available blameworthy candidate is the order of the day from the SNP. And they expect to provide responsible government post Independence ? In your dreams.

Celebrating the epic journey of man to the moon - Blackpool Transport style ! The new 'Tramnik One' creation of Rigby Road Workshops in its original state.

So I begin a brief break from this amateur hour. No doubt many will heave sighs of relief.

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