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BTS Gains A New Board Chair

Blackpool Transport Services Ltd. has a new Chair - Clr Paul Galley. Representing Anchorsholme Ward as Conservative Councillor over a decade - the Company has secured a strong proponent for public transport integration on the Fylde coast. Joining with fellow Directors and Managing Director Jane Cole, the BTS Board represents the interests of the community above and beyond the boundaries of Blackpool's Unitary Authority through its services Over Wyre to Knott End, and the south Fylde coastline to Lytham; as well as Fleetwood, Poulton, together with other diverse destinations. Not since the days of Walter Luff in the 1930s has Blackpool's transport had such a determined and visionary team at the helm.

Awaiting completion of the Talbot Road extension to North Station is one stage in a potentially expanded light rail system. In Fleetwood, calls for reconnection of that town with the national rail network at Poulton, include the potential for a further new extension of the BTS service from the existing Ferry loop up Dock Street to the Wyre Dock redevelopment proposals now under scrutiny. A tram train connecting service with BTS light rail at Wyre Dock is now being proposed offering a fast and frequent shuttle link with Poulton.

Further extension of the North Station line along Talbot Road to Layton and Victoria Hospital is among further options that may emerge in due course along one of the town's busiest public transport corridors. And of course the diverse options for a continuation of the promenade service beyond Starr Gate both along Squires Gate Lane corridor to the new Enterprise Zone, as well a long intended tram line to St Annes.

The company's focus to create an all electric bus fleet has priority given the national concerns over global warming and removal of pollutant vehicles from the roads. Hopefully tangible signs of this strategy will lead to Blackpool being at the forefront of UK urban transport imperatives in this important objective. Much like when the resort was the pioneer of electric street tram operation in the 1880s - an era when horse and steam power were the prevalent modes of motive power; Blackpool showed the way in demonstrating the improved clean energy advantages of electric power. Can the town be far from repeating this spearheading learning curve with all-electric bus operation in Britain ?

Harbinger of a new era in Blackpool's transport policies 1933 and prototype rail coach 200

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