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Standard 143

Thanks to the efforts (and funding) of the stalwarts behind the former Lancastrian Transport Trust (now the Fylde Transport Trust) - we can look forward to the reemergence of not one, not two, but three classic trams of previous era (1920s/1930s/1950s). Through the initiatives of a handful of local enthusiasts : Standard Car 143, English Electric Rail Coach 279 and Coronation Car 304 are all in the throes of being returned to operational condition for use on heritage tours and special events. Below : the superb profile rendition of Standard 143 in its as built condition with open driver's platform and balconies - drawn by the Late Ian Stewart.

Below : The same tram in its postwar service condition and green and cream colours - outside Marton Depot on its regular Talbot Square to Royal Oak service in the 1950s.

Below : 143 now in its final role as Engineering Car 3 parked on the Bispham depot track fan with two of the Depot's overhead team kindly posed for the Author's camera in 1959.

It would subsequently see its neatly scalloped top deck end cabins removed to provide greater clearance for top deck work.

Back to the Future retro restoration work will see this tram reappear in close to the appearance depicted in the 'as built' top image.

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